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Below is the 2015 New York Yankees schedule for Yankee Stadium. To buy tickets select the date of the Baseball game you would like to attend and you will be taken to available seating. Please call 1-800-550-7556 if you prefer to order your Yankees tickets by phone.

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It seems odd to be asking what’s wrong with the Yankees. After all, they are still on top of the AL East where they’ve always been. They’re still racking up 90+ wins a season and filling their usual spot in the MLB Playoffs. But the Yankees haven’t won the World Series in the past 5 years and to a team that expects to win every year that kind of absence from the winners circle seems like a lifetime.

As expected the Yankees didn’t take things lying down. With new Johnny Damon to pep up a roster that already includes the like of Mike Mussina, Alex Rodriguez, Hideki Matsui, Randy Johnson, and Gary Sheffield. Adding Damon to an already impressive roster pretty much assures the Yankees of another AL East title. The question is what they can do with it once they’ve got it. Damon provides a strong addition to the top of the Yankees lineup. Damon routinely tops .300 at the plate batting .366 in 2005 and a stunning .380 in 2004. He’s the perfect lead in to the bat of Alex Rodriguez. Rodriguez won MVP Awards for the second time in 2005, and the presence of Damon allows the Yankees the luxury of putting Derek Jeter back into the second spot in the order where he belongs.

The 2011 season will prove to be a great time for all Yankees fans.