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MLB Playoff tickets have been giving baseball fans exciting action and great memories for decades now. Getting there may be more than half the fun when it comes to the World Series. While the World Series has delivered it’s share of exciting moments, and is the ultimate goal of every team in Major League Baseball, sometime those MLB Playoff tickets are even better.

Take for example the 2004 American League Conference Championship pitting the New York Yankees against the Boston Red Sox. No two teams in the league have the bitter history of these two franchises, a squabble that extends back over 80 years and is centered on the deal that sent Babe Ruth to the Yankees. During the course of the 2004 season the Yankees held off the Sox to win the division championship but Boston’s 98-win season still earned them a trip as a Wild Card. After disposing of the Angels, the Sox faced off against the Yankees with Boston fans clutching their MLB Playoffs tickets and praying that this year things would be different.

Those same Red Sox fans were tearing their hair out as the hated Yankees ripped the Red Sox for three straight games. No team in the history of the MLB had ever come back to win a seven-game series after dropping the first three. But Boston fans never gave up and showed up in force to support their team while the Yankees faithful rubbed it in their faces. Game 4 certainly looked like a death knell for Boston as the Yankees went ahead 4-3 in the 9th inning. But Kevin Miller, leadoff batter for Boston, reached base on a single and yielded to pinch runner Dave Roberts. After stealing second, Roberts went home on a Bill Mueller single to send the game into extra innings. David Ortiz swatted a 2-run homer in the 12th and Boston got a reprieve with a 6-4 win. The Yankees had Boston with their backs to the wall again in Game 5 leading 4-2 when Ortiz again went long and the Red Sox rallied to tie. In the 14th inning, Ortiz slapped a single that ended it in the Red Sox favor and the series headed back to New York where most fans thought the Yankees were unbeatable.

But in Game 6, on a rainy night in Yankee Stadium, Curt Schilling etched his name in history and gave MLB Playoffs ticket holders a memory that they’ll never forget. Suffering an ankle injury, Schilling had the tendon in his ankle stitched. During the course of the game, pitching with a weakened ankle and a sock stained red with blood, Schilling delivered a masterful game, allowing only one run in seven innings of work. A more gutsy performance in the MLB Playoffs has never been seen. The Red Sox won 4-2, cruised to an easy victory in Game 7 and went on to win their first World Series in 86 years.

For Boston Red Sox fans it all began with MLB Playoffs tickets. The lifting of the curse was a beautiful thing and so was the World Series victory. But for many Red Sox fans, those MLB Playoffs tickets that handed them a historic win over the hated Yankees were just as sweet.