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Below is the 2015 Atlanta Braves schedule for Turner Field. To buy tickets select the date of the Baseball game you would like to attend and you will be taken to available seating. Please call 1-800-550-7556 if you prefer to order your Braves tickets by phone.

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Atlanta Braves Team Info

The Atlanta Braves entered the 2006 season with an incredible streak intact. With fourteen division titles in a row, the Braves are breaking records in sports history on a yearly basis. In fact, they now hold the record for consecutive division titles in the history of any North American national sport. With this in mind, it is no surprise that Atlanta Braves seats are in such high demand among baseball fans.

The Braves have continued to prove themselves in the MLB, their 2005 season being no exception. Playing all year in an extremely competitive National League East division, the Braves again managed to make it to the playoffs with 90-72 regular season record. Although the Braves were cut out of the postseason early, they did play in the longest playoff game in MLB history.

In 2005, a strong offense helped push the Braves into the playoffs. Starring players such as outfielder Andruw Jones, third baseman Chipper Jones, first baseman Adam LaRoche, shortstop Rafael Furcal and second baseman Marcus Giles all made up an astounding starting lineup.

Now in the 2006 season, the Braves prepare to make this year number fifteen. Although the lineup in the bullpen has taken somewhat of a hit, new shortstop All-Star and Golden Glove winner Edgar Renteria promises to do big things for the Braves this season. As the year opens and Braves tickets go on sale in Turner Field, fans will be lining up to witness the creation of baseball history.