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The Knickerbockers, or Knicks for short, were part of the original 17 teams that started the National Basketball Association. They are the only team, along with two others, of the 17 original franchises to stay in the same city through today. Unless something spectacularly bad happens with the franchise or the city nothing is going to move the Knicks out of New York. The city has a number of things to do while visiting, plays, parks, museums, and football teams, but the only two things that always draw people in no matter how good or bad they are doing are the sports teams. The city of loves its Knicks even though they hadn't been doing anything amazing in the past couple of years the city would always think that this year would be the Knicks year. The team was on a back slide down a slippery slope to the bottom of the East and management seemed to be making moves that were causing the team to be even worse then they were before. In the 2001-'02 and 2002-'03 seasons the Knicks had a combined record of 67-97 record which is well below what the fans expect them to be at. During that time the team failed to make it to the playoffs for two straight years which is something that hadn't happened since 1987. The Knicks knew they had to change something the upcoming year.

Last year the Knicks made some huge changes and for the first time in two seasons made the playoffs. The team fired GM Scott Layden and brought in former NBA player and head coach Isiah Thomas. Thomas came in and started cleaning house. He fired Don Chaney hired Lenny Wilkins, traded Antonio McDyess, Howard Eisley, and Maciej Lampe for Stephon Marbury and Anfernee Hardaway. The team, all of a sudden, had a buzz around it that wasn't there when the season started. The team was excited, the city was excited and the media was all over the team. The Knicks ended up finishing the season with a 39-43 record and got the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference. The hype around the series was huge and as it usually goes, the series couldn't live up to the hype. The Knicks lost 4-0 in a series that only had one close game. Despite the lack of success in the the Knicks considered the season a success due to the fact that they overachieved their way into the top.