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The Clippers are one of those teams that few franchises can parallel, in terms of what they've achieved. There might be one team in each of the major sports leagues that can match what the Clippers have done since packing up and moving to Los Angeles in 1984. There is still a big difference between most franchises and the Clippers and that is while others did achieve things in the postseason not all of them won world championships but they did at least make it to the final game/series of their respective sport. The Clippers have only made it to the postseason a whopping three times since the 1984-85 season. Since moving to LA LA Land, which is 19 seasons, the team has amassed a 535-1073 which is a cringe invoking .332 winning percentage. In that same span the team has won more games than it has lost in only two seasons. They are the embodiment of losing and, in more recent memory; it has to do with the ownership of Donald Sterling and not so much with them just having hard luck and drafting the wrong guys. It's one of the sadder stories in sports where the owner would rather keep the budget and wins low to keep his profit up. Many writers have speculated that he just uses this as a way to be part of the“in” crowd. Owning the Clippers is something that gives him some sort or notoriety which he has gained throughout Hollywood, but in the sporting world he's more of a villain than anything.