Blue Man Group Tickets

Blue Man Group Tickets

Buy Blue Man Group tickets to watch these unusual groups of three. Blue Man Group shows and concerts feature a mix of popular music, comedy and multimedia. Get tickets to see the bald and blue performers who say their character is about universal human truths. Unique entertainment tickets for all. Buy your Tickets below.

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Blue Man Group Information:

Blue Man Group show tickets are extremely popular for good reason. Snappy music combined with a unique blend of cultural ideas offers something for a diverse group of followers. Starting in 1988 with three young guys the Blue Man Group was originally a celebration of the end of the 80s decade with a funeral procession led through Central Park. Since then it has grown to a national phenomenon with millions attending performances across the country. Now with several shows going on at any one time you can secure your Blue Man Group theater tickets and experience what has made it so great.

Becoming famous in the well-known Intel ads, Blue Man Group creates their own instruments and music and offers several acts based on current events and issues. Ranging from science and technology with focus on the internet, DNA and other topics today's audience can relate to, they also play off social norms, subgroups, innocence, information overload, pollution and more, always updating their act with new and unusual ideas. When asked what its all about, they say the Blue Man character is about universal human truths.

While the group's blue skin, bald heads, new fangled instruments, and creative topics are Blue Man Group's best known features, the ability to effectively interact with and surprise the audience is the key to their success. Although they never speak, they easily communicate with and fully engage the viewers by making them an actual part of the performance. Serving gourmet twinkie dinners, creating art with gumballs while splashing the entire audience are just of couple of the groups many surprises. You just never know what to expect.

Blue Man Group musical tickets offer plenty of slapstick comedy along with foot-tapping scores (no lyrics, of course) that will be unlike any show you've attended. Join millions of people internationally who have seen first-hand the wonderful antics and off-the-wall humor. Creating the memories of a lifetime, get your Blue Man Group play tickets and join the fun!